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Understanding the Erectile Process

The condition of erectile dysfunction or ED is a common problem which affects men of all age groups, although it is frequent among people who are above 60. Dysfunction may be caused as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle or lack of a proper or nutritious diet. While therapies and natural methods of treatment are available, you may even resort to prescription medications such as Cialis which are effective in dealing with the condition.

How an Erection Takes Place

In order to understand the causes of erectile dysfunction, you need to review the mechanism of an erection. If a man is to achieve an erection, he must experience a complex process inside his body. Here is a brief elaboration of how an erection takes place:

The erection of the penis includes the impact of the CNS or central nervous system, stress related agencies, peripheral nervous system, psychosomatic factors, local factors within the body of the erection or the penis and hormonal or vascular components involving circulation or blood flow. The portion involving the penis which leads to the erection represents merely a single element of a complex and complicated process. The erection may take place in response to a number of factors such as smell, touch as well as visual and auditory stimuli which triggers certain pathways in your brain.

The information then travels to the nerve center from the brain near the foot of the spine. Here, the primary nerve fibers are connected to the penis to regulate the flowing of blood during the erection and later. Sexual stimulation leads to releasing of the chemicals from the endings of the nerves in your penis to trigger different kinds of events which ultimately lead to a relaxation of the muscles in the erection body of the penis. Presence of the smooth muscles controls the blood flow to the penis. Upon relaxation, the flow of blood reduces dramatically when the erection bodies become rigid and full. This leads to an erection.

The drainage channels in the veins are compressed and closed with the enlargement of the erection bodies. Detumescence is the process through which the penis turns flaccid. It occurs when the release of muscle relaxing chemicals is stopped. If any of the above psychological or physical processes are disrupted, the man experiences an erectile dysfunction.

The condition refers to the inability of a man in achieving and maintaining an erect penis which is required for mutually satisfying intercourse with the partner. The causes of erectile dysfunction may include mental or psychological issues and physical or organic issues which generally involves an organ of the body or its organ system.

Once the process of an erection is understood, the medical professional studies the causes that might be responsible for it. The causes may be corrected by di9fferent kinds of remedies such as change or alteration of habits and lifestyle, incorporation of healthy foods in the person's diet and treatment of associated conditions such as cardiovascular problems, abstinence from smoking, regular workout sessions and more.

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